About Us

In 2009, there was a hipster hair revolution. Men’s grooming went from high fashion, to old school barbers, almost overnight. Alongside this shift, men’s hair and skincare products also transformed. As the needs changed, the products adapted.

Here we sit, today, on the cusp of another seismic shift in men’s grooming. A hybrid high fashion/old school style is now coming to the fore. As professionals, we must adapt.

This is the driving force behind the BLACK RAVEN line of products.

We recognized a need to return to our roots, as men. Our team has unearthed ancient hair and beard formulas which have withstood the test of time.

For millennia, male hair and beards have represented honour, dignity, wisdom, wealth and power. BLACK RAVEN products intend to keep it that way by offering the highest quality products, steeped in tradition.

All BLACK RAVEN products are PARABEN and SULPHATE FREE. NEVER tested on animals. Preserve ancient tradition. Uphold the highest standards of quality. Lead the way in style. That is BLACK RAVEN